June 16, 2009 – 11:20 pm

Suspiro Nocturno Theme concept

So I’ve been building  a few things in WordPress. First, my entry into theme development for a project I finished for my interactive design class this past spring yielded this: 35windows.com.

Then, a good friend let me transform her Blogger site into a WordPress site, complete with theme development and all. That is here: Lower40records.com.

Since I got the hang of theme development, the obvious next step is to rebuild a2lv.com from scratch. So here we go. I just finished the concept design and I likes it >:).

I dub it Suspiro Nocturno.It uses the Kitten Shine color pattern (with a subtle Valencia touch) from Colourlovers.net. Also, much thanks to Brian Chavez for this handy tutorial on creating tile-perfect diagonal lines in Adobe Illustrator. Awesome.

Next up, coding the thing in valid HTML and CSS.