November 6, 2009 – 11:37 am

Pacha Massive – If you want it

pacha-massive-if-you-want-itBuilding upon the musical diversity of their debut, All Good Things, this New York City-based production outfit once again channels their Dominican roots through a distinct urban sound.

Blending break beats and moody downtempo keys with a distinct Latin influence, production is tight enough to avoid making it a gimmick. Like the title suggest, If you want it is an encore of sorts, as head producer Ramon Nova expands on his polyrhythmic style by fusing, for instance, a slow dancehall beat, reggae strings, and bongos on “For a while,” or a dub riddim, with Spanish rhymes in “Just Want To See Ya.”

Although Nova makes a distinct effort to widen his musical range (the title track reworks a classic Motor City drum pattern), after a couple listens the question is, does the sound have any shelf life beyond a couple of albums?

Just Want To See Ya