Te has topado con una caja llena de cosas de long reads

Upgrade your brain matter, cuz one day it may matter.

September 21, 2009 – 2:19 pm

The panopticon is real

When the machine can effectively construct your identity for you, determining pieces of information about yourself not even you were fully aware of yet, and reveal that to the public before it does to you, the game’s over.

April 8, 2009 – 2:06 pm

On social media, isolation and morality

If you’re on Facebook, are you alone?

December 14, 2008 – 11:26 am

A Christmas tale

On a day where nothing seemed to go right (I think I fractured a small bone in my left foot), I went to see “A Christmas Tale (Un Conte de Noël)” with a friend. Expecting a French holiday movie (what is one to expect out of that, really, anyway), the film was turning out to […]

My infatuation with Barbara Kruger reached it’s climax as I concluded my final paper for my Photography and Social Change class. I originally wanted to explore Kruger’s influential style on today’s web culture, but somehow I thought it would’ve been a stretch to try and find academic studies on the subject, and otherwise, would’ve had […]

During my senior year in high school, I used to carpool with an gringo friend, and I remember one morning I was playing “Caribe Atómico,” Aterciopelados’ fourth album. As he got in the car, I listened for a minute, and then asked point blank: “What is this? This is freaking awesome!” That morning I realized […]

October 24, 2008 – 8:36 pm

Malleable surface

Suellen Parker’s photography exposes the impressionable nature of human psychology through her Plasticine figures The eyes on the clay sculptures in Suellen Parker’s photographs carry a gaze from within, as if moved by heavy psychological machinery buried deep inside. At times they sparkle with glee, with the anxiety of anticipation gleaming across the room; they […]

May 10, 2007 – 11:09 pm

El Jazz de los diez dedos

De lo poco (mucho pero poco) que conozco del Jazz, he creado una afinidad con Dizzy Gillespie ( sí, el de la foto) por ser uno de los primeros en dos frentes del género. El Bebop y el Cubop. Pese a que el Cubop ya había aparecido en la época que Cortázar decide escribir Rayuela […]

October 26, 2006 – 12:14 am

Of Rifles and Birds

I could imagine the small bird fluttering its wings, brushing up its plume, chirping (does it chirp?), not at all fazed by its new captors. You see, this bird has never seen a human face before, it was recently announced as a new species, therefore being a new discovery for us authoritative humans. Then again, […]